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How to book a service (live event)

Being a "niche studio" and due to the fact that we devote an extensive amount of work to each production,  we only accept a limited number of events per year.  Please contact us as soon as your event date has been decided.  Bookings are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Booking Procedure:

  • Contact us directly to confirm that your date is still available.

  • Provide us with all the details of your live event.

  • Download and read our Booking Policy for detailed info.

  • Depending on your event, a non-refundable retainer may required that will applied towards the final balance.

  • A contract may be drafted that will outline the terms and conditions of filming and post production. If a contract is required, you must agree to and sign the Agreement.

  • Once both the retainer and signed Agreement are received by us, you will receive a written confirmation email indicating that your date is officially booked.

  • A travel fee may be imposed if the event is held outside our normal service area - please consult the map below.


OMV Service Area & Travel Fees

omv travel zone

Our normal "service area" includes the Yarmouth & Acadian Shores (green oval).  No travel fee will be charged for any event located in this area.  Due to logistical reasons, we are limiting our bookings to those within South West Nova Scotia (within the red square on the map).   Therefore we will  film events along the South Shore as far as Liverpool and up to to Annapolis Royal in the Valley.  Mileage fees will apply for these events.

Please click on the map to enlarge

Depending on the extent of travel required for your event, travel fees may need to be added within the red square but outside of the green oval.  Our current kilometer rate is $0.40 per Km - round trip.

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