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Dance Recitals / Stage Performances

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Capturing the Magic of Dance Recitals and Stage Performances!

Are you ready to relive the breathtaking moments of your dance recitals and stage performances? Look no further! At Ocean Mist Videography, we specialize in transforming your mesmerizing dance routines and captivating stage acts into everlasting memories.

Our Expertise:

With years of experience in videography and a passion for the arts, we know exactly how to capture the elegance, energy, and emotions of every dance performance. We focus on every intricate detail, ensuring that each twirl, leap, and expression is beautifully immortalized on film.

High-Quality Production:

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, we produce high-definition videos that rival the feeling of being right there on stage. We use multiple angles and artistic shots to craft a seamless and visually engaging story of your performance.  In terms of product delivery, we offer digital downloads in MP4 format or traditional printed DVDs which are directly mailed out to clients.

Cherish the Memories:

Your dance recitals and stage performances are a culmination of hard work and dedication. Let us preserve those priceless moments forever, allowing you and your audience to relive the magic time and time again.


Tailored Packages:

We understand that every performance is unique, and we offer flexible packages to suit your specific requirements. From solo performances to group recitals, we've got you covered with customizable options to fit your needs and budget. 

Book Your Shoot Today:

Don't let the enchantment of your dance recital fade away. Contact us now to reserve our videography services for your upcoming performance. Let's collaborate to create an extraordinary film that showcases the artistry and brilliance of your dance and stage talents.

Let Ocean Mist Videography be your trusted partner in capturing the grace and splendor of your dance performances. Join us on this magical journey of preserving your art through the power of videography!


Yarmouth Dance

YDA logo

Yarmouth Dance Academy dance recitals can be ordered via HD digital download or via traditional DVD disc.  Select the "Buy Now" button under Digital download and you will be provided a private link to a video file to download via email.  By selecting the "DVD", you will be receiving a disc in the mail within a few weeks after the performance (shipping included).

Benefits of the Digital Download compared to the DVD:

  • Its much better quality - high definition

  • It won't scratch or skip

  • You can save it to your computer, phone, tablet, USB stick, etc

  • Its cheaper!


Our online store is powered thru Paypal - no accounts are required,


We also will accept online payments via etransfer to

YDA Digital File

Downloads (MP4)





Purchase your DVD Copy

(Please specify the year and name of the recital)

Download the pdf version of the current order form.

Ecole de danse

L'école de danse d'Héléna

2023 Recital - L'école de danse d'Héléna

We are happy to announce that this year, we will be offering digital downloadable files to all the dancers participating in the recital.  The file will be made available within a few weeks following the shows. This version will be high definition in quality compared to the DVD from past years.

We understand that some people may still want to purchase DVDs to add to their collections.  Therefore, we are still offering DVDs as usual per at a reduced price (at $15 instead of the past $25) since all dancers pre-paid a fee this year that goes towards the video.  DVDs from past years performances can still be purchased at $25.00 which includes shipping.  If you are ordering a DVD from a past year, please indicate which year and what show it was (i.e. main show, duos & solos, smaller kids only, etc)


Please use the Payment button below to order any desired DVDs. Our online store is powered thru Paypal - no accounts are required,


We also will accept online payments via etransfer to

Dancers in Shadow

Celebrating Memories:

Digital Dance Recital Archives!

For several years now, we have had the privilege of capturing countless moments of passion, artistry, and camaraderie through the lens of our cameras. From breathtaking performances to heartfelt smiles and cheers, each dance recital has been a treasured chapter in our journey together. We understand how cherished these memories are to you, and we wanted to find a way to give back and preserve them for all eternity.

We have heard that some of our DVDs have been played so much they are becoming scratched or are unplayable. We would like to correct this issue.

Hence, with great pleasure, we are opening the doors to our carefully curated Digital Dance Recital Archives. This exclusive service will allow you to relive those magical moments from the past years at your fingertips – all on one USB flash drive. You'll have access to high-quality recordings of all the past performances that we have filmed in the popular mp4 format, which can be easily played on newer smart TVs, making it convenient for you to gather your loved ones and enjoy the nostalgia on the big screen!

It is crucial to emphasize that we are launching this service with no profit in mind. We are merely looking to recoup our costs for materials. Our primary objective is to express our deep appreciation for your continued support and love for dance.

Purchase the entire archive for $50.00 - this will include all the performances filmed to date on a single USB flash drive. To make a purchase simply contact us at and we will guide you through the process. The flash drive will be mailed to you (shipping also included).


Alternatively, you may also purchase individual performances at $5 per file plus the cost of the USB drive and shipping at $20.00). Click on the respective Google Forms link below to order individual performances or to see the breakdown of the recitals by year for each dance company.

Order individual archived performances:

Yarmouth Dance Academy - Google Forms Link

École de danse à Helena - Google Forms Link 

As usual, we will accept convenient online payments such as e-transfers and credit card payments thru Paypal. Cheques and money orders can also be mailed to us.

Dance Archives
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