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Digitize Analog Video

Preserve Your Precious Memories - Let Us Transfer Your Camcorder and VHS Tapes to Digital MP4 and DVDs!

At Ocean Mist Videography, we understand the value of cherished memories captured on old camcorder and VCR tapes. Don't let those nostalgic moments fade away with time. Our specialized videography services offer a seamless and professional solution to transfer your tapes to digital MP4 files and DVDs.

Unlock Your Memories:

Relive the past and share your favorite moments with loved ones in a modern format. We carefully transfer your camcorder and VCR tapes to high-quality digital MP4 files, preserving the essence and emotion of each memory.

Preserve and Protect:

Physical tapes can degrade over time, resulting in loss of image and sound quality. By converting your tapes to MP4s or DVDs, you ensure a longer lifespan for your memories and safeguard them for generations to come.

Superior Quality:

With state-of-the-art equipment and technical expertise, we ensure top-notch video and audio quality during the conversion process. Each frame and sound are meticulously preserved, allowing you to enjoy your memories in the best possible way.

Customized Options:

Whether you have a handful of tapes or a collection of memories, we offer customizable options to suit your needs. Preserve individual tapes as digital files or compile a compilation on DVD - the choice is yours.


Fast Turnaround:

We understand the importance of preserving your memories promptly. Our efficient service ensures a quick turnaround time, allowing you to relive those precious moments in no time.


Secure Your Memories Today:

Contact us today to schedule your tape transfer service. Let us help you preserve your treasured memories and bring the past into the present with modern digital formats.


The USB flash drive is the most convenient method as most of the archived tapes will fit on one drive and it can be played on your laptop or SmartTV.  Plus you can copy and share the files with family and friends for safe keeping.

Compatible Formats:

Video Formats that we can transfer: VHS, VHS-C, mini-DV, Digital 8, Hi8, Video 8, and home videos on DVD and VCD.  Please note: We cannot transfer film reels (8mm or 16mm) to USB or DVD. We cannot transfer Betamax. 


Transfer to USB Stick - $15 per tape (regardless of length)

USB Stick = $20 per 32 Gb stick


Transfer to DVD $20 per DVD for up to 2 hours of video. 

Extra copies are $10 per disc.


With Ocean Mist Videography, your cherished memories are in safe hands. Trust us to convert your camcorder and VCR tapes to digital MP4 files and DVDs, giving your memories a new lease on life. Don't wait - unlock the magic of your past today!


Memories Revived - Relive, Reconnect, Rejoice!

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